Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day Three

I am starting to get very excited.....I think that weaning is really going to stick! Again, Emma fell asleep last night without even asking to nurse. She came in to us during the night, but just snuggled up to me and slept. Soon I will take the breastfeeding ticker off the top of the blog! In a way, it's a bit sad to think of never nursing another baby, and that all my babies are too old now--but not quite that sad!

I think I've definitely paid my dues in this regard, and I am looking forward to my body being completely my own again, wearing what I want without thinking, can I nurse in this? Although I have to say that this is only in regard to pajamas at this point, I stopped worrying about nursing during the daytime well over a year ago. But it'd be nice to wear a nightgown again rather than a top and bottom kind of pajama.

My little Emma is growing up!


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