Monday, April 21, 2008

Chicken Proofing

Last week when I planted the primroses and Gaillardia dazzlers, I was worried about the chickens. And my fears were correct--I don't think they are messing with the plants as in eating them--but they walk everywhere and trample delicate plants. So I came up with an idea. I went through the recycling bin and took out soda bottles, water bottles, milk jugs and even an empty gin bottle :) and cut them in half. Then I put them over the baby flowers and dug them into the soil a bit--the chickens don't walk on them anymore! Plus I think they will protect them a bit if it gets cold at night, like a mini greenhouse. At least they protect them from wind, and if (horrors!) there should be any frost, it can't land directly on them.

Also, I was out there today looking around, and there are sprouts where I planted a lot of things--the wildflower mix, the perennial mix, the cosmos out front. Granted, they could be weeds. But I am hoping for the best! And speaking of the best, to our delight, the cutting garden I planted at the front steps last year seems to be growing back! Yay! At this rate I can make a roadside stand to sell bouquets....


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