Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bathroom Ceiling

Today I painted the bathroom ceiling. It was really nice to not let any more time go by before I did it. I decided that after the whole mirror thing it wouldn't do to procrastinate again, and I had a couple of free hours this afternoon, so I did it. Our bathroom is quite small; changing around the stepladder's position (along with the supplies/drop cloth) took more time than the painting did (just like taping the mirror yesterday took more time than the painting. And now the room looks fresh and clean. A very pale green ceiling is a huge improvement over the old white ceiling that had not weathered well but that looked good enough to skip when we moved in! Matt would have been very unhappy to see me painting with the ladder in the bathtub, standing on the top shelf of it to reach the ceiling! But it's over now so he can't say anything.

Next two projects: changing out the spring clothes for me and the kids--which includes sorting their winter clothes into piles: stuff they can wear again in the fall, stuff that I will put away for another girl's use, stuff that just needs to be trashed, and stuff that I can mail to my friend Jenn or my niece, Emily. Also, tearing the carpet out of Emma's room, since in a few weeks we will be having the floors sanded and resealed, which I utterly cannot wait for! That is going to be so wonderful.....

Then we will move on to yard work and continuing the dreaded house painting project. At least the weather improving will make us want to spend time outside!



Chloe [-headbang-] said...

A pale green bathroom sounds nice...

Here's something I thought Uncle Matt might enjoy reading. Shurt, but funny:

--The Simpsons has been banned in Venezuela by President Hugo Chavez, because the animated TV show is "unsuitable for children".

The long-running cartoon has been replaced after Chavez deemed it contained "messages that go against the whole education of boys, girls and adolescents".

Elba Guillen, a spokesperson for Televen TV, the Venezuelan network that airs The Simpsons, says, "It had to be taken off. The government considers it to be a series that isn't appropriate for that time because it isn't appropriate for children."--


Anonymous Blogger said...

Sorting through clothes is always such a project around here. I am dreading washing the screens and windows, that is next on my spring clean up list.

I want to paint my bedroom sage green - I love that color. I have been waiting 4 years!