Thursday, March 13, 2008

Matt's On the Way Home!

We just had a phone call from Matt--he's in the limo riding up the Long Island Expressway! The kids are all excited, and so am I. I've been cleaning the house this afternoon, so that we can all enjoy a quiet weekend without too many chores. The kids and I went to see the Long Island Philharmonic perform this morning, which was a wonderful show. The theme was "Heroes and Heroines," and they played selections from "Scherazade," "West Side Story," "Thus Spake Zarathustra," "The Ride of the Valkyries," "Harry Potter," and "The Lord of the Rings," among others. The kids loved it and were only disappointed that the concert wasn't longer--and, I might add, even Emma paid better attention than the schooled kids who were there. Their behavior was truly disgraceful.

The week did not drag as we feared it might. Now that all the kids are older, it is much easier for me to wrangle them alone. When I had two kids under 3, then three kids under 4--that was difficult! We had activities every day, we had treats like the aquarium, dinner out, ice cream sundaes while we watched "Shrek the Third," etc. and of course no school work to do. The hardest part was me trying to get Julia, Ben and Emma to bed on time, since I am used to only having Emma to deal with while Matt takes the other two. They were good, they just went to bed later than usual. The night that I was dozing off while reading "The Last Battle," Julia took over reading it to Ben while I snuggled with Emma and tried to listen....

But make no mistake---we will ALL welcome Matt with open arms, hugs and kisses when he comes through that door!


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