Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dinner in Front of the Fire

Yesterday Julia asked if we could have cinnamon buns this morning for breakfast. She (and all the rest of the kids) are very sad because tomorrow Matt leaves for a business trip in New Orleans. He'll be gone from 11 am Sunday till dinner time on Thursday. So she was looking for a special breakfast. Unfortunately, the older girls had a 4H program this morning they were forgetting about, and Emma has her dance class on Saturday mornings--and since this is the last one of the winter term there's a "recital" that Matt and I had planned to take Ben to....all of which is to say that we didn't have time to make cinnamon buns.

So we arrived at a compromise everyone could live with. We had breakfast for dinner! And we made a fire, which if not the last one of the season is certainly one of the last (I am guessing that since Matt will have to go out with the axe if we have another fire, it will turn out to be the last by default!) We had scrambled eggs (thank you, chickens!), english muffins, a lovely fruit salad of watermelon, honeydew, oranges and red grapes--and gorgeous, homemade cinnamon buns. We lit candles all over the room and spread a tablecloth on the (roomba-clean) floor in front of the fire, and enjoyed the food and each other....the kids finished up with some ice cream, which was way too much for adults to think of, but they of course loved it.

I expect there will be tears tomorrow morning, but I think it's a nice send off for Daddy.


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Chloe [-headbang-] said...

Sorry, Aunt Jen...In my last comment on Julia's poem, the code was & copy ; (without spaces). I just think you need to add the date and it should be copyrighted.

Au revoir et bonne voyage pour l'oncle Matt!