Saturday, March 15, 2008


Matt got home from New Orleans on Thursday afternoon--boy, is it great to have him home! He loved New Orleans, and says that we have to go there ourselves sometime. Maybe next time we leave the kids for a grown-up vacation, that's where we'll go! He was surprised that the aftermath of Katrina wasn't as noticeable as he'd expected, and was delighted with the city and, of course, the food! A special favorite was the Cafe Du Monde, which has been in operation since 1862 and sells only beignets and cafe au lait.

If you've never had a beignet.....boy, you are missing out! It is somewhat like a donut, somewhat like funnel cake. It is delicious. Matt found recipes online and after examining them, chose the one he felt would be most like Cafe Du Monde's. He mixed the dough last night, since it was going to need to rise. Then this morning he rolled and cut the dough into squares, deep fried them, and we sprinkled them with powdered sugar and had them with coffee (not cafe au lait, sorry New Orleans--I like my coffee strong and black!) Just unmitigated evil on a plate!

We ate until we felt sick--Emma actually didn't like them--and then we packed up the rest for Rachel to bring to our neighbors. They are much better warm, and we figured that we didn't need those calories, that's for sure! We plan to make them once a year to remember Mardi Gras. Deep fried food is so yummy!! My mom actually used to make something that tasted very much like these--we had them once a year for dinner, and called them fried bread. It was little balls of dough (think slightly bigger than a Munchkin) and when they came out of the oil, we ate them with butter and jam! How's THAT for decadence?



Kelly said...

Sounds yummy!

Got your comment. We were in Tokyo for a week. Look for updates from that trip soon!


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--Chloe [[Welcome home, Uncle Matt!]]