Thursday, March 20, 2008

Amazing Bargains

Yesterday we were at a friend's house, talking amongst moms while the kids played, and The Children's Place was mentioned. Someone said that she went and got all these clothes, which reminded me that yes, when the seasons are changing you can go to the outlet store and scoop up loads of clothes dirt cheap. So we decided to head over before we went home...

Oh, joy! I got two pairs of pajamas for each child--the girls' are matching, one thermal with a cute monkey design in bright pink on the brown fabric, the other gorgeous fleece with sparkly butterflies on the pants and babydoll tops. Both with matching scrunchies! Ben's are striped in bright colors. I also got Rachel a newsboy hat, Rachel and Julia sweater coats, and Ben a bathrobe, which he has wanted for months.....all this for $34.90!

Not that I have any excuse getting new clothes for any of my kids--they have so many clothes it's really kind of amazing. But at those prices? I couldn't pass it up!


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