Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tea at the Table

This morning after Emma's dance class, Matt and I were having coffee in the dining room. Rachel was out most of the day today, first with friends at a 4H service project meeting, then ice skating with our neighbors. Julia was playing at the computer, and Ben was playing a quiet game, so we were enjoying sitting with our coffee and talking about what we were going to do for the rest of the day. Then Emma asked if she could have tea.

Matt went and put on the kettle. The sugar was already on the table because of coffee, and there were spoons laid out, too. So he just got her the little mug she likes to use, with an English Breakfast tea bag--you must be careful to let her unwrap her own tea bag, unwind the string, and put it in the water or she won't drink it...once the water boiled, he poured it for her, and she dunked the tea bag and added 2 spoons of sugar, which is all we will allow her. As she waited for it to steep, her eye fell on the thermal carafe we keep the coffee in so it will remain hot without cooking away. We have started covering it lately with the tea cozy our sister-in-law, Donna, made for Matt several Christmases ago.

"And you have the tea sweaty on the coffee pot," she observed sagely.

Barely controlling our laughter, we explained that it was a tea cozy, not a tea sweaty...

At least she got the concept that the name of it was something about keeping warm!



j-m said...

Too cute! I finally found your blog, and now that I've met your kids, it's even more of a joy to read! I love this one.

Emma said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

Emma is *too* funny!

I can't wait until our kids talk so that I can hear things like this all day!!