Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow--Beautiful Snow!

Finally! I am so excited--it is snowing! We started December with a few little snowy incidents, and I had such high hopes for a wintry winter. But gradually my hopes were dashed, as we had plenty of cold but nothing more than flurries. People kept talking about how they wished it would snow, why don't we get snow anymore, when is it going to snow? Or certain irritating friends who live in New England would tell me about the beautiful snowfall they had, how many inches keep accumulating, how many times the shovel has come out this winter....

Late this afternoon it began to snow. We kept glancing out the window, our spirits buoyed by the fact that it was actually sticking, but not quite daring to hope. Soon the patio table was covered, the trees started to whiten, the cars became humps--and Matt was sent home from work early...now, it is still snowing, and everything is completely covered. There's barely an inch out there, but it still falls, and our hopes are growing. I went out to take the recycling out to the curb, and noticed that the sky is that odd bright cloudy color that it is during a snow, that the air is crisp and silent, and that the flakes are coming down even faster than it looks like inside.

We will take photos tomorrow. Though, unfortunately, we have activities in the morning and the afternoon--it figures, less time for the kids to frolic. Hopefully it will snow and snow and snow, enough to remain at least a week. It really is something that lifts the spirits in the dull gray winter. A little snow goes a long way, but a lot would be even better!


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Nan Patience said...

Against my better judgment, the kids went slipping and sliding in the stuff before bed last night and had a good time.

Slush today, afraid you missed the chance.

Maybe next time...