Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Did anyone see the lunar eclipse last night? When I headed out to my friend's house last night I thought it was going to be too cloudy to see it, and I was sad because I love stuff like this. Then we had the meeting, and of course it went later than we'd all expected (till 11; since we started at 7 we didn't think it would be much later than 10, which is I think when the eclipse began) so we thought we'd missed it. Being a bunch of homeschooling moms, we were all quite upset by this!

But as we headed out to our cars I happened to look up--and there it was! It wasn't total anymore, but it was still an obvious eclipse. It looked like a crescent moon, but then you could see the rest of the moon in shadow with a ring of light around the outside. It was very pretty and there were stars (planets maybe?) scattered right around the moon, crystal clear. I just wish it had been warmer than 15 degrees so I could have stayed out to watch it a while! I did take a few photos after I got home, but honestly I'm not sure you can tell it's even the moon--I'll have to put it n the computer to check, because on the camera screen it just looks vague.

I hope you got to see this lovely sight!

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cstraut said...

We "saw the lovely sight". We were told it would be "about 10" and when we looked at "about" 9:30, the moon was about half covered. So, we came back out about 10:30 and we had missed "full" and so the beginning of the "back side" of the display. It was awesome.