Friday, February 1, 2008


Wow--Julia is 8 today! I can't believe it. I was practically used to her being 7, though even that seemed kind of old, but 8? That just seems ridiculous. As it happens, she went to the doctor today, because she fell on her bike on Monday and the cut ended up infected. We tried taking care of it ourselves (and boy, was that charming!) but last night we got worried that it would worsen over the weekend and we'd end up at the emergency room, and also she was in pain. So after we drained it we called the doctor he sent us out for an antibiotic at 9 pm, and told us to come in today. So poor Julia had to be at the doctor's on her birthday.

The good news is, he says it looks fine and the antibiotics will take care of it. And he was able to give her the checkup we'd scheduled for next Saturday so we can avoid returning. She is now 53 inches tall! And she gained 18 pounds over the last year! Just incredible. We knew she'd gotten bigger, but this is just crazy.

She opened her gifts before Matt went to work, and loved them all. Rachel gave her a stuffed pony and a model horse. Grandma B. have her a watch and a beading kit. Liz and Peter (friends from Matt's office) gave her a cool scrapbook where she can put photos and mementos. And we gave her a stuffed piggie, new furry pink slippers, horses in a barn, a set to paint her own plate, bowl and mug that you fire in the oven, and a bug habitat with night vision light in it. It even has a tree that you can stick real leaves for food in, and a pond for them to drink, and a background scene to make it look like a forest, plus a magnifying glass to check them out with.

We were supposed to ice skate today, but since it's pouring we can't. So her best friend and family are coming for pizza and cake (which Rachel made) tonight. We will also have a family party and a sleepover with other friends--dates to be determined. We will post photos later. (The batteries ran out in the camera as she was opening gifts, just our luck. They are charging, so we'll take pics of cake.)

One last note--today I have been breastfeeding nonstop for eight years! Yes, since the day Julia was born I have not stopped. First her, then her and Ben together, then Ben, then Ben and Emma together, and finally we are at the tail end of Emma. She still just needs me that once in the night still. Amazing to think about. And even more amazing--that in the next few months I will be DONE forever! Sad, I guess--but it's hard to see that right now. All I want is for it to be over.....

Happy birthday, Julia Bird.


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Kelly said...

Tell Julia "Omedeto Tanjobe!" from us!