Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fried Fish

After yesterday, when I was sick, it is nice to be mostly among the living again. I have to say that Rachel took over the house yesterday and did it well--she did lessons with Ben and Julia, then her own. She corralled the kids around, doing their chores, playing outside or quietly so I could sleep. She and Julia kept my sock full of rice (so very useful for those aches and pains!) nice and hot in the microwave, which was the only thing that kept me even a bit comfortable. They kept offering me food, which I couldn't eat or even smell--I couldn't even sit up for more than just a few moments. It was kind of brutal. The entire day I ate half a piece of toast and some of a small bowl of Wheat Chex--both of which I felt hungry for and both of which tasted like sawdust at best. I did drink some Coke to settle my stomach and a glass of orange juice, and at Matt's order chewed a kid's vitamin up. But let's just say it was not a happy day.

Compared to that, then, today has been leagues better. I slept late, but had some coffee and orange juice with Matt. I even managed an omelette for lunch, and some crackers with 2 pieces of cheese and a handful of grapes for a snack after Matt and Julia returned from the grocery store. Matt and Rachel are in the kitchen now, making dinner--beer battered fish and oven baked fries, plus green beans. Fried fish is not something we eat often, but I think Matt is trying to tempt me back to food. Hopefully it won't prove too much for me, because I know it will be delicious and I am looking forward to it.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be 100%; because after two days of me being out of commission the house is beginning to show it...Rachel scooped the litter box this morning, and complained bitterly at how filthy it was--I pointed out that I generally scoop it 2 or 3 times a day, and she just looked blank!



Chloe [-headbang-] said...

Glad to see you back in the world of the living, Aunt Jen. Hope you feel better soon!


Nan Patience said...

Sounds like you were quite ill! Feel better.