Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ice Skating

I am going a bit out of order because I posted "Happy New Year" before I tell about our New Year's Eve--but the reason for that is that yesterday was a busy day and I only had time for that short post. My friend Amie called a couple of days ago and asked if we wanted to go out to Greenport with them on New Year's Eve for an afternoon of ice skating. (It was important that we went, actually--because Amie's husband went to work, and since the baby is not quite 3 months old, Amie couldn't skate--but since Evelyn and Julia are bestest friends, we were the perfect family to ask along.)

We met in the beautiful village on Greenport (I just love this town, and if it weren't for the fact that it would add 30-40 minutes to everywhere we'd want to go, would live there in a minute!) by the antique carousel, in the park where in the winter there is a lovely outdoor rink. It is just so pretty, right on the harbor with boats all around, a beautiful sunset view and if you're really lucky (as we were when we went skating for Julia's 7th birthday last February) a full moon above. We were there trough the sunset part, but not for the moon.

We skated for hours! It was the right combination of cold enough to skate, but not so cold that it was miserable. There were many more people there than I prefer--being homeschoolers we usually avoid crowded times like that--but everyone was in a happy holiday mood. Emma and Ben did very well. Emma used one of the carts that keep you from falling and chugged along happily, and Ben mostly skated holding a hand or by himself. I am hoping that if we go often this winter, he'll soon be as good as Julia and Rachel are. When Emma asked me to "go fast," I bent over and held the bar of her cart around her hands and skated so we were "faster than anyone!" (her words, not mine...) That was fun--but when I would finally stand up my back let me know that it wasn't the best plan I ever came up with!

I did take one break in the middle, and Amie and I went over to Starbuck's for coffee and hot chocolate. Then while I drank mine I gabbed with her, which was nice. Then back on the ice for more fun and glee. We finally left around 5:30 and headed for a favorite pizza parlor, Emilio's, for a fantastic Sicilian pie--served by the co-owner in an evening gown, with upswept hair! She was pretty brave, too--not even an apron!

After we got home, we had a peaceful evening of games, watching "The Wizard of Oz," snacks, and even fireworks that we could see from the dining room window (they were down at the riverfront...) Emma fell asleep around 11:00, but the others made it till the ball dropped. Matt and I stayed up till 3:30, which I am now feeling the full effects of, although we all slept in--the kids till 9:00, Matt till 10:15 and me till 11:23 (when my loving hubby woke me with blueberry scones and coffee--I knew I liked him!) We've had a quiet day of chatting, Play Doh, board games, and now they are watching "Pinocchio" and I am blogging to put off finishing Rachel's lesson plans...I should go do that before I fall asleep!

We have a turkey roasting in the oven--not that I'm hungry--so that means the first week of 2008 will involve little cooking! And by the way, (I'm just back from basting it), putting butter on top of the bird before the salt and pepper make your basting juices look like gravy before the turkey's even finished!!

Here's another wish for happiness in the new year for us all!


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