Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bo Bo the Wonder Pet

That cat Bo is the weirdest animal I have ever seen. I was here at the computer yesterday and I heard a noise behind me, so I looked around, assuming it was either him or Molly getting into mischief. You will never be able to guess where he was--in all my years of cat ownership I have never witnessed something so bizarre! He was on top of the closet door! Yes, on the inch-wide strip that is the top edge of a door. Seven feet in the air, or however tall a door is. He'd somehow managed to get onto my dresser, and climbed on to the open door, and was looking calmly around like, it's my world and you just live here.... I think he likes the feeling of being the highest pet in the house...anyway, it was not a fluke--he did it again today!

And I will post pictures tomorrow; Rachel took some for you unbelievers. Also will post a photo of a bowl of our fresh eggs that Emily asked for. Want to go hang out with Matt now.


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Kelly said...

Okay, so you don't know him, but Matt does. I had this friend Dave Marciano, who ended up with another friend's cat when she moved. That cat hated me. I mean seriously HATED me! I'd walk up to his apartment door, and before I could even get my key in the lock, Marciano would pull the door open. I asked him how he knew I was there. He said he always knew when I got there because the cat would stand in front of the door hissing at it! He seriously HATED me for some reason.

Anyway, the cat would not just sit on top of the door , but it would sit on the edge of the molding ABOVE the door! (WW2 building, so the molding was about 2 inches wide.)

When it sat on top of the door, everytime I tried to walk through the doorway, it would hiss and swat at me. I think the molding was harder for it to sit on though because it would only swat from the top of the door, not the molding.

We never did figure out why that cat hated me so much. And I even stayed there and feed it for about two weeks!