Friday, December 14, 2007

Wrapping Presents

Is there anything more daunting than a huge pile of Christmas presents to wrap? Normally I wrap as I buy; it works out well because I don't have to wrap a lot at once, and it makes the tree look pretty because I put things under the tree as I go--no storage to worry about. However, we ran out of wrapping paper, and when I rushed to Target before a party to buy a card and pick up more wrapping paper, I was running late and had four kids with me. I didn't read the little sign that said "36 square feet" on the package--I saw three rolls of paper, and thought that would be great.

Wrong! Turns out 36 square feet of wrapping paper is barely enough to wrap anything. So I waited two more days to get more. In the meantime, boxes arrived in the mail and I went shopping at two other stores. I now have a huge pile of gifts on my bedroom floor, covered with a quilt so the kids don't see them. Tomorrow night I will be wrapping them.

What joy.


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