Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snow Storm

Although today was not our first snow of the year, it was the first accumulation. We noticed that there were flurries in the air around 12:30, and soon it was snowing with feeling. Julia, Ben and Emma got outside in their snowpants, coats, boots, hats and mittens and stayed out for over an hour. When they came in they looked like snowmen! Julia was being the sled dog, pulling Ben and Emma around the yard, and they had Sophie with them, running around and chasing the chickens with glee and getting soaked herself. Over the afternoon there was also sleet and a bit of hail, and it is still snowing now. I'd say we have a bit more than two inches.

Another plus--Matt's office closed at 2:30, so we had Daddy home when we returned from the kids' checkup at the doctor's!

Rachel and Julia, with Matt as sous chef, are making a stir fry for dinner. They are doing a unit study on China, so it counts as school work...


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