Friday, December 21, 2007

Remember Summer?

OK--this is kind of random, considering it's 4 days till Christmas and the winter solstice and all. But I just helped Emma into all her gear to go play in the back yard with Ben and Julia--not her snow pants at least, because it's fairly warm today, considering what the past two weeks have been like, but still her coat, boots, hat and mittens---and it just got me thinking of how beautiful summer days are. This photo of Ben was taken on Labor Day, when we went to the beach with our good friend Matt who was visiting from Seattle and wanted to get as much beach as he could while with us. Ben was having a wonderful time "surfing" and was occupied this way for a really long time. I can remember sitting in my chair watching and taking photos--it was hot, I was tan, I'd been in the water swimming, there was a nice breeze....really, there isn't much that's better than a day like that!


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