Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Snow

This morning, to our surprise, it was snowing! Big, fat flakes, absolutely beautiful. They were sticking to the grass and on the flagstones. Lila the cat was horrified! She came out of her house for breakfast and when her foot got wet, she stopped, lifted her paw and shook it with a comical degree of disgust. She got over it, though, when her dish hit the ground. Her black coat was so pretty with the snowflakes clinging to it.

It continued to snow through the morning and into the afternoon. After church we headed to Mattituck to get our Christmas tree. It was very festive at the farm, with everyone in a happy mood and snowflakes in their hair. While we waited for the tree to be cut, the kids caught snowflakes on their tongues and noticed that the flakes were so large we could see their patterns when they landed on scarves and mittens--especially my black ones. We chose a gorgeous Fraser Fir, seven and a half feet tall.

We came home, freezing cold, and went through the requisite forty minutes of setting up tree and lights, with the kids asking every three seconds if it was time to decorate the tree. Finally, it was time, and we trimmed the tree to Nat King Cole and Jewel Christmas music. Then I made the hot chocolate while Matt built the fire, and all relaxed, talking and enjoying it all.

It stopped snowing around 2:00, but the trees have a beautiful dusting of white, and the lawns are mostly covered. Early snow--love it!


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