Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finally Mailed

It's only December 20-I have all my out of town gifts mailed! How is it that every single year I vow that I will have everything gone by the 10th or 15th at the very latest, and yet every year I am racing to the Post Office, contemplating paying the outrageous prices for Express Service? (I went with Priority this year, I think there's still enough time, although with the weekend thrown in I could be wrong.)

I think I kind of amused the guy behind the counter. Thankfully I had no kids with me--but I had a huge box for Matt's mom and a laundry basket with a box already packed (but not taped or addressed!)to my friend Jenn, plus several bags that were packed with items going to other addresses. (Naturally, I recycled a whole bunch of boxes from mail orders on Wednesday morning, not thinking ahead to the Post Office--so I had to buy three boxes for the remaining packages.) I spent about 20 minutes packing, taping and addressing boxes, placing them one by one on the counter. The post office I went to is a very small one--even so close to Christmas I was alone with the one worker nearly the entire time. One person came to the counter and a couple of people came to their P.O. boxes--that was it. So he watched me do all the packing up, taping and addressing. We chatted a bit, commiserated about the difficulty of getting everything done, and he confided that he hasn't even mailed his packages. This I found hard to believe, but he insisted and seemed sincere.

Anyway, I am glad that everything is out of my hands now. I still have some gifts for people here to get, and we still have to deliver baked goods to our neighbors....


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Chloe [-headbang-] said...

Haha, I'm like you...I wait until the last possible minute to do everything, but usually, everything works out..and if the packages get there AFTER Christmas...well, the post offices just aren't as good as they used to be...