Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fifteen Years

Today is our fifteenth wedding anniversary. I can't believe it! I always think of people who reach their fifteenth anniversary as middle aged and boring. I would love to believe that we are not yet middle aged and boring! I can always use the excuse that we married pretty young for this day and age--when you marry at 35 you kind of are old and boring by the time you reach this milestone! :)

We passed the "known each other half our lives" mark last year. We really have grown up together. When I think of all the things that Matt and I have done together over the years, all the firsts, all the things we've learned from or with each other, it really does amaze me. The fact that we still consider each other best friends and that we can still talk for hours about anything and everything is one of the things I like best about us. Also that we don't hate each other--yet. (Joking, joking!)

The daily quote is from one of the songs we consider ours. We don't have just one song--we love music too much for that. But it's a song that always makes us think of the other.

Matt--I love you and I always will.



Chloe said...

Happy Anniversary, Aunt Jen X)

and Uncle Matt, if he reads this...haha.

Emma said...

Hurray for fifteen years!

I remember your wedding very clearly:)

Have a wonderful anniversary!