Friday, December 7, 2007

Emma and the Piano

The kids have been very into the piano these days. About a month ago, we ordered the next set of piano books for Rachel. She took right to them, began playing on her own with no instruction. She is very good and practices every day. I was surprised because the songs in this book are using both hands--chords and all, they sound like *real* music, not just simple practice exercises.

It was at this same time that Rachel decided that Julia should begin her piano studies, and they began practicing nearly every day. Julia also had a lot of fun picking out tunes by ear (although we already knew she liked doing this, her memory has improved a lot and she now knows songs all the way through by heart) and practices these as well. Julia then taught Ben how to play "Hot Cross Buns," which he took right up. Emma soon got into the act, asking to have piano lessons too. She would also go to the piano and play random notes--but would not bang or play too many keys at once, so it sounded pretty harmonious, for a three year old.

Imagine my surprise a few days ago when I heard "Hot Cross Buns" playing in the living room while I was cooking---I walked into the room to tell Ben he had played it very well, but Emma was at the piano!

"Did you play that song, baby?" I asked her, amazed.

"Yes, Mama, it was me playing and I can play it again!" she said proudly. She went on to play it again several times. The kicker is, when she got a note wrong, she didn't go back to the beginning--she simply backed up a bar and replayed it correctly!

Every day something just stuns me!


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