Friday, November 9, 2007

Sponge Skating

I found a new way to get the kids to do chores...well, actually they found it and I agreed to it, with reservations. But it has worked out beautifully. Julia, Ben and Emma were playing a great game this morning, one of their patented epic pretend games with Hawaii and fishing and leopards and I don't know what else. Then they were using washcloths to skate across the floor. (At first the cloths were just held on the floor by their feet, but Emma got frustrated, so they rubber banded them to their feet after that.)

Julia asked me if they could wash the kitchen floor by wetting the washcloths with soapy water and skating around. Why not? The floor's dirty. The worst that could happen is that they'd get too much water on the floor, and they readily agreed to wipe it up with dog towels if that happened. And so it began....

I don't think the kitchen floor has ever been so clean--they were skating around for forty five minutes! I did have to advise them to dump the soapy water and switch to plain water, but after the rinse cycle the floor is sparkling. I wish I could have them do the wood floors, too--but too much water there could really harm them, so I'll stick to the kitchen. One less floor is one less floor!


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Kelly said...

Oh Great idea!

My laundry room floor and kitchen are ugly stick down tiles. Which of course deperately need to be moped since the other day when wet and muddy boy cruised through the room!

I see this going on this afternoon!