Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm Surprised

Matt has been gone on his Boston trip now since early Sunday morning, and I am surprised to say that the week has gone by so fast. Every other time he has gone on a business trip without us (not a common occurence, but it has happened a few times)I have completely dreaded it. The kids would cry when he left, and there would always be an outburst or two every day when one of them missed him too much. I would dread the horror of trying to care for an infant, a toddler, a preschooler and a grade schooler alone--bedtime alone was enough to make me cringe.

But I guess we've moved into a new phase in our family. Not that any of us has been happy not to have Matt here, but it's been pretty fun. It's difficult not to have a break, and I've been getting up too early (for me) because Ben and Julia aren't having breakfast with Daddy. No workouts, because I'm completely in charge of bath and bedtime routines. On the other hand, I haven't cooked dinner even once! (Leftovers, take out, and last night--we'd gone to the movies and shared a giant popcorn at 5pm--cheese, crackers and fruit. Surprising that without Matt, it seems pointless to make a big deal of dinner!)

We have had fun outings, dinner with friends, reading and games, movies and tea parties. The time has flown by. Today we're off to the aquarium.

But I have a feeling that tomorrow at 5 pm, we're going to be even happier!


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