Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ben Learns Something New

Today Ben tied his shoes all by himself! He has been trying to do it for a few months, but because he rarely wears shoes that tie (mostly he wears sneaker with Velcro--today it was raining so he wore his work boots). He was so proud and happy, especially when he managed to tie the other one. To be honest, I was really happy when he tied the other one; I wondered if he could replicate it!

I told him I was proud of him and would post it to the blog. I was surprised when he asked me several hours later, "So, did you post it on the blog yet?"

So, I am.


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Kelly said...

I told Collin. He ran over to the computer to "see". After explaining there was nothing to see, just the story about it. He got a big grin and said "Wow! That's cool! I can't tie my shoes!" So he's impressed!