Monday, November 12, 2007

37% geek!

While looking at a blog, I found a little button that said, "What is your blog rated?" I took the test just for fun, and we are rated PG, for the words of "death" (when our chicken died we posted it) and "punch" (we made punch for a party and took a picture of it!) So, let's just say these quizzes got a bit addictive!

I found one on "How Geeky Are You?" I asked my mom to take it--and she was officially pronounced 37% geek! The reason is mostly because she knew the name of some ship on Star Trek, she knew the name of the dragon in the Hobbit (Smaug; Ben is addicted to that movie and watches it almost every weekend....)

Hope you like this little story! (By the way, we hit 200 posts today on the blog! :)


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