Friday, August 10, 2007


Some of you won't believe this, and some of you will believe it all too easily! Today we welcome into our family two little kittens, Molly & Bo!

Since losing Belle in June, we've gone back and forth on the kitten question, and had pretty much decided no. Well, then I saw an ad for 4 kittens, 8 weeks old, who needed a home (don't they all?) Matt and I talked and decided, what the heck? 8 week old kittens are about the most adorable creatures around, let's just go for it....

Well, the kids and I went to pick *one* out today, and we thought we wanted the male (there was 1 male, 3 females in the litter...) but when we saw them all, they were so cute, and after all, splitting up brother and sisters is so cruel, and we couldn't agree on which was sweeter, and the lady who had them, while very nice, didn't KNOW that cats could have kittens at one year old, which is why the mommy cat wasn't spayed yet.....I thought, if she doesn't find homes for these kittens what is going to happen to them? So I closed my eyes and said we'd take both.

Matt reacted very well! We were apprehensive as to what he'd say when he saw them. He came home, and Julia was playing with little Molly on the rug. He smiled, and opened his mouth to say that she was so cute, when Emma blurted out, "And we have another one, Daddy!" At this point, I steeled myself for a blitzkrieg, but aside from a few snide comments, it was just fine. And when he made one comment about couldn't I have called him to ask if he'd mind two kittens, I said, "I didn't call because..." and he finished the sentence right along with me, "I didn't want to hear your answer!"

They are too cute! Sophie loves them, Mimi hates them---I know, I was shocked too! They are still scared of Sophie, but they're very loving and friendly, and I'm sure they'll wise up that she's just a mush soon.

For the pictures--Molly is the one with the spots on her back, and Bo has the gray all over his back. Here's where you say, "AAAWWWWWW!"


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