Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Week of Parties

I have to explain why there won't be much activity on the blog in the coming week....this Saturday, we're having a barbecue for folks from Matt's office (and their families), so this week has been spent in a flurry of grocery shopping, baking, cleaning, and cooking. Tomorrow and Saturday morning I am not looking forward to, I can tell you that! On Tuesday, it's Emma's 3rd birthday, so we'll have to devote the day to doing what she wants, which I'm sure will involve Splish Splash. (Just a guess...)

Next Wednesday, our friends come from North Carolina for a week. They aren't staying at our house, but we will be spending every available second with them, since we haven't laid eyes on them since they moved last December. Next Friday their family and my family--parents, brother & his family, sister and her family, and maybe (just possibly) my niece and her fiance from PA, and my niece and her husband and baby from DE--will be here for the birthday bash 2007 for Ben's 5th and Emma's 3rd. Then, the followign Tuesday, we are having a party AGAIN, for two reasons--the first is so that homeschooling friends get a chance to see Jenn and her family before they head home, the second for a baby shower for our friend Amie, who is having her second baby in the beginning of October.

So, in short, I am absolutely crazy! Three parties in 10 days, plus Emma's birthday. That's a LOT of cleaning, baking, cooking, grocery shopping, running to the store for ice, decorating, etc. etc. It will be fun, but it will also be a frustrating time of trying to keep a thousand things in the air at once, and to keep the laundry from piling up too. So forgive the lapse. We'll be back regularly on August 29, with just about a week of summer vacation left--horrors!

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