Sunday, August 5, 2007

Happy Sunday

Today the heat wave broke! A gorgeous day, sunny, breezy and no humidity, temperatures in the low 80s. Couldn't have been more perfect. We finally shut off the air conditioning and opened all the windows, and had a beautiful day. A lazy time over coffee while the kids played, then Matt watched "The Hobbit" with them while I took Rachel to run a couple of errands. Then I went out in the yard and trimmed bushes while Matt cleaned up other areas of the yard and fixed a new toad habitat for Romeo and Juliet--they now have real dirt, fortified with a brick wall so it doesn't slide into the water, and--ta da!--moss and grass planted right into the dirt. They seem to love their new home.

Then Matt got the grill started while I showered off all the bits of leaves and sweat from my yard work, and we had a beautiful dinner on the patio of grilled chicken, pasta salad with veggies, and strawberries and melon. We cleared up, put a fresh table cloth on the table, and sat down by candlelight to watch the kids run and play in the yard with Sophie--they made up some games, then had light up bracelets when it got dark and caught fireflies and played night tag.

Now everyone is ready for bed, and will go down like a ton of bricks!

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Kelly said...

You have a toad habitat? Is it an outdoor thing? If so take a picture, I'd love to see it. Wait till I get a chance to take a picture of the bugs they sell as pets here. Wow! They are huge and ugly.

We've promised Collin a replacement fish tank. Eventually. However he has hit me up for a dog. And a baby sister. He's got a better chance at the dog!