Friday, August 3, 2007


Today our boy Ben is 5!

He started the day eating breakfast with Daddy, and opened one present (so I didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn....) with him--a whole flock of dinosaurs from Grandma Barbara. He loves them, and spent quite some time playing with them with Julia before Emma, Rachel and I were up.

When the rest of us rolled out of bed, we got dressed immediately. Ben opened two of his gifts from us at the table--a bow and arrow set (suction cup arrows!) and a leather quiver. He was, needless to say, beside himself with glee, and immediately wanted to go out to practice. But wait! There was another gift, and it began with a note from Blackbeard the Pirate and an authentic pirate map...a treasure hunt in the back yard!

After following the map, we discovered that pirates had hidden a beautiful wooden treasure chest, complete with key and a painted skull and crossbones top! When Ben opened it up, it was full of golden chocolate a sample was taken, of course. And for one last surprise, I'd gotten a pack of punch balloons, so we blew those up and spent some time in the yard, taking photos, playing punch ball, Ben practicing with his arrows--until it was too hot and the air conditioned house looked too appealing to resist. (Today is the hottest day of the year so far.)

Rachel made Annie's bunny macaroni for lunch--one of Ben's favorites--and he got to watch "The Return of the Jedi," another top favorite. Our friends Amie and Evelyn are here for a play date, and when Matt comes home from work we will take a picnic to the beach and spend the evening there, swimming, playing and eating. After we get home and bathe, we'll have birthday cake, which Matt worked hard on last night, even decorating to say "Happy Birthday Ben Boy"

Hopefully one of the nicest birthdays Ben has ever had!

The "Real Party" will be on August 24, when our family comes out here to celebrate both Ben's and Emma's days with us.


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