Thursday, August 9, 2007

Girls Painting

Today Rachel and Julia are painting the wooden bookshelves we used to use for school books for me! When I rearranged the shelves for the upcoming school year, I realized that the three cube shelves I was using (they are each divided down the middle so you can put the shelves horizontally or vertically depending on your needs) wouldn't be enough now that Ben has school books too. So I moved a bigger bookshelf out of the family room and up to the living room, and will move the cubes down to the family room...but on emptying them I saw that the white paint had chipped, gotten marks from moving and from a few pens (!) and just looked lousy. In the family room it would be hard to see because there isn't a lot of natural light down there, but still.

So I thought the girls might enjoy painting, and since I have had enough painting lately (and unfortunately a lot more in the near future when we paint the exterior of the house this fall!) it worked out. They are using our outdoor craft table, and in the shade with the cool breeze are having a nice time of it. We're using the same pale green that's leftover from last year--the living room shade mixed with white, blue and yellow left over from bedrooms. We used it to paint the kitchen and the door and trim into the garage (which since it's on the stairwell down to the basement family room, will tie in nicely with these bookshelves, I think.)

It's always lovely to see them together and peaceful. And they're helping, which often makes them happy. Also, it's giving them practice for when we paint the house, since I'm hoping to enlist them to paint the back patio railings!

Got to go get the sheets off the line and remake the children's beds...


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