Monday, July 23, 2007

Pig Pile

No, we didn't get a new pet!

Pig Pile is a charming game, invented by Julia (of course), which involves kids and any unwitting parent who may be reclining in bed piling on top of each other....for the first few moments everyone is happy, and then someone shifts position and chaos ensues. Either that, or Emma, who naturally is always the "top pig," can't maintain her balance and rolls off onto the floor.

Anyway, what's really funny about the game is that we can be cruising along, just snuggling or hanging out reading, and one of them will happily announce, "Pig pile!" and they all gleefully stop what they're doing and flock to their places. I wanted to put it on here because it's one of those games that can be talked about (probably embarrassingly!) all through a family's history--but it's also something that could be easily forgotten. I didn't want to forget it.


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