Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Past Week

I apologize for my lapse in posting last week. Matt's mom was visiting from Georgia, and we just didn't have a minute to spare! Every day was packed with fun, and I couldn't even think about the computer by the time the kids were in bed at night. We went to the beach, to Greenport, to Splish Splash, to a concert in the park, to the movies, to a play, out to different restaurants and shopping, read books, played games, had a bbq, etc....Matt and I even got to go out to dinner and a movie ALONE on Wednesday night, which was a rare treat. (Even though we sort of ruined it by going to see "Harry Potter,"--a kids' movie on a date?!)

Anyway, we all had a fantastic time with Grandma, and there were tears when she said goodbye to the kids last night...Matt got up early to drive her into Queens to get her flight home, and none of the kids were up, so they said goodbye last night.) Julia declared it "totally unfair" that adults don't have the whole summer off the way kids do, and we all had to agree. We will miss Grandma, but will as always keep in touch by phone, email and CARE packages.

Today has been a quiet day. Matt returned from LaGuardia bearing donuts--the kids were so excited they nearly knocked him over! We had coffee (a tea party for the kids) with those while we talked. Then I took Rachel to the library for her first afternoon of volunteer work--she helped kids make Harry Potter crafts and "supervised" the showing of the movie...pretty good work if you can get it! I ran to the market and home to put stuff away, but then went back and read on total silence for the remainder of Rachel's shift (another rare treat!) I came home to Matt finishing up mowing the front lawn while the other kids rode their scooters, drew with chalk, and played various things in the driveway. After a light dinner we'll go downtown to the Blues Festival playing this weekend.

In the coming days the daily quote will be about dogs. Thanks to my friend Carol, who sent them to me. Some of them are so good I have to share, and it's fitting, because we have two dogs this month--my parents' greyhound, Silkie, is having her summer vacation with us while they're in Europe visiting my sister Amy. Even though Silkie is not what I would call a dog--she never barks, jumps, sheds, or even moves a whole lot--having two dogs in the house is more hectic than having one! She is so lovable, though, with her huge eyes and pointy nose, and when she does come for attention (rarely) you notice, because she either leans her entire weight against you or pokes her nose into your hand. I consider myself much more of a cat person than a dog person, but there is truly nothing like a dog.


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