Thursday, July 26, 2007

Emma Talk

Yesterday we decided to drag the wading pool out of the shed. This would be the first time we've used it since moving into this house. Reason one: we live at the beach! Reason two: we have in ground sprinklers now, so the kids often just run through them, having a blast with no effort on my part!

However, we were looking for something new to do, and Julia got a little rubber fish as a prize at the library, so they wanted to have a place for it to swim. So out the pool came, filled with icy hose water, and in went three (and later four) kids.

Emma's comment while I was filling the pool, while she was putting on her suit, and the first ten minutes they were in there?

"I'M SO INCITED!!!" (excited, if you aren't versed in 2-year-old)

Almost a match for Rachel's 2-year-old phrase, "That's anfastic!" (fantastic)


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