Saturday, July 7, 2007

Anna & Emma

This is my niece, Anna, reading to Emma on our vacation. Not only is it just a lovely picture, but it was so nice to see Emma warming to her cousins and actually letting one of the big girls hold her! Because she doesn't see her cousins from my brother's family very often, and when she does it's a huge family gathering--she gets overwhelmed. This results in her clinging to me or to Matt mercilessly, and not allowing anyone to even talk to her--although every one of my nieces dotes on her and wants to hold her, play and read with her. (If she'd just get the point, she'd have the constant attention she always wants that as the youngest of 4 kids she hardly ever gets!!!)

Anyway, our nice long getaway with the family allowed Emma to come off her high horse a bit and socialize. Maybe she'll even remember Anna's name the next time they meet...


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