Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Nice Weekend Away

Haven't updated because we went into the city this weekend for Father's Day. Stayed with my parents on Saturday, went to my brother and sister-in-law in NJ on Sunday (this amounted to my parents, 2 of my 3 siblings and nearly all of their families, and my family, plus my sister-in-law's dad and uncle--10 "adults" and 12 "children"--which I put in quotes because my nieces and nephews are getting older, my kids are the youngest--though we have one great niece, Ella, who is 13 months old--but they couldn't attend, very unfortunately.) We had a wonderful time, except for the miserable traffic coming home from NJ...which I won't even talk about.

We stayed over at my parents' on Sunday rather than make the huge drive back to Long Island at once, and so on Monday slept late, enjoyed a nice leisurely morning and left in the afternoon. The kids all were in bed by 9:00 because they'd had too many days staying up too late. Today was laundry and getting the house back together day--I spent two hours weeding and pruning in the front yard, which sounds miserable but wasn't because Julia, Ben and Emma enjoyed trimming the bushes with safety scissors! So we had fun.

Tomorrow we are off to the beach with a bunch of friends in the afternoon, which we're looking forward to. Go, summer!


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