Saturday, June 9, 2007

Camping results

Well, our family camping trip was mostly filled with fun, but also filled with trouble....

As it turned out, everything DID fit in my dad's van with the seats taken out. That was not a problem. WE got up early on Camping Day to go to a live play with our homeschool group, followed by the History Club my mom runs for the Homeschoolers too. It was the last meeting of the school year (we will start it again in the fall), and we all went dressed in costumes! I was Annie Oakley, Julia Sacagawea, and Emma a 'Princess.' Ben refused to dress up, so only 3 of the Eager Kids were costumed. We had a great time, and towards the end my mom called my dad on the cell phone, and he proclaimed to have set up the whole tent. We were happy about that, and started to the campsite.

When we got there, we helped Dad set up the necessary things such as: the cooler, bug repellent candles, drinks, fruit, bikes and scooters, etc. We lit a fire and started cooking dinner which was hamburgers and fried potatoes (YUM!) After dinner and dessert (S'more fest), my dad and I went to the Rec hall and played 10 games of Bingo. It was fun, but we did not manage to win the Jackpot, which was $20! We ended up winning exactly half of what we payed to play ($2.50) We then headed back to the site.

As we were walking back, we noticed it was very misty outside. My mom had been getting the kids ready for bed. Emma wanted to sleep "alone" (meaning alone on her sleeping bag) , so she went into the tent with Ben and Julia. I sat around the campfire with Mom and Dad, chatting.

I stayed up VERY late (11 PM!), and was exhausted, but I kept waking up during the night and ended up getting up at 6 AM. I didn't realize how early it was, and so zipping up the tent 500 times was not what my fellow campers called fun. They soon woke up at 7:00, pretty cranky although I can't blame them. It was drizzling and pretty nasty.

Then, when my dad was cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast, it started thunderstorming (fun, Fun, FUN), so we all ran into the tent with the plate of bacon. Fortunately, Dad hadn't started cooking the eggs yet, and the bacon was fully cooked. We feasted on that at about 8:45 AM.

The thunderstorm punded until 11:30. That whole time, we were sitting in the tent telling scary stories, talking, reading, and playing. Then the tent started to leak. That was awful. WE moved the sleeping bags away from the sides of the tent to make sure they didn't get soaked, but it was too late for that!

By 11:30 AM, the rain was only drizzling. I went outside and made 6 sandwiches for lunch, which we ate inside the tent accompanied by potato chips. My dad went to take a shower ( he didn't get to it before it started raining.) We were getting fed up with being cooped up for so long, and we were also getting even more cranky. My mom made a plan, which was to get all the wet bedding home to dry it in the dryers. However, the plan TURNED INTO packing up camp. So Dad and I trooped back to the campsite and packed up the food, bikes, scooters, tent, candles, tabelcloth, tarp, folding chairs, etc. We made our way back home.

So, here I am at the computer, typing this post. We are happy and safe in our house WITH A ROOF!!!!!!


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Emma said...

It sounds like your camping trip was fun until the rain began, Rachel! I am sorry that you had to end it early:(