Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Beach

Here it is, the end of June, and we've only been to the beach 3 times! We haven't had much hot weather yet--lots of gorgeous weather and lots of rain, but not a lot of hot, humid days. Well, today it is in the high 80's (or will be later) and sticky, so we're headed to the beach after lunch.

When I was a child, we always went to the beach around 10 in the morning and stayed till 3 or 4 pm. However, now I rarely go in the morning because I like to skip packing lunch! I still pack a ridiculous amount, don't get me wrong--snacks and drinks, towels, chairs, shoes, sand toys, sometimes the umbrella, noodles for the water, sunscreen, coffee and a book, etc. etc. etc. but lunch would just be breaking the camel's back! The other advantage is that now that we have no ozone layer, the kids would be burned to a crisp if we stayed that long--if we don't get on the beach till 1 or 2, the sun is on the wane, at least.

Anyway, the kids are wild with excitement and I am too.


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